Journal Paper

Identifying and Analyzing Popular Phrases Multi-Dimensionally in Social Media Data

The author:  Zhongying Zhao; Chao Li; Yong Zhang;Joshua Zhexue Huang; Jun Luo; Shengzhong Feng;Jianping Fan
Published journals:  International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining      (link)

Machine Learning Based Coding Unit Depth Decisions for Flexible Complexity Allocation in High Efficiency Video Coding

The author:  Yun Zhang; Sam Kwong; Xu Wang; Zhaoqing Pan; Hui Yuan; Long Xu
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

View Synthesis Distortion Model Based Frame Level Rate Control Optimization for Multiview Depth Video Coding

The author:  Xu Wang; Sam Kwong; Hui Yuan; Yun Zhang; Zhaoqing Pan
Published journals:  Signal Processing      (link)


The author:  Li Qinglan; Lan Hongping ;Chan Johnny C. L. ; Cao Chunyan;Li Cheng ; Wang Xingbao
Published journals:  JOURNAL OF TROPICAL METEOROLOGY      (link)

Efficient Motion and Disparity Estimation Optimization for Low Complexity Multiview Video Coding

The author:  Pan, Zhaoqing ; Zhang, Yun ; Kwong, Sam
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING      (link)

Competitive Algorithms for Unbounded One-Way Trading

The author:  Francis Y. L. Chin ; Bin Fu; Jiuling Guo;Shuguang Han;Jueliang Hu; Minghui Jiang; Guohui Lin ; Hing-Fung Ting ; Luping Zhang ; Yong Zhang;Diwei Zhou
Published journals:  Theoretical Computer Science      (link)

Integrated miRNA profiling and bioinformatics analyses reveal potential causative miRNAs in gastric adenocarcinoma

The author:  Xiaojing Zhang; Yin Peng;Zhe Jin;Weiling Huang;Yulan Cheng; Yudan Liu; Xianling Feng; Mengting Yang;Yong Huang;Zhenfu Zhao;Liang Wang; Yanjie Wei; Xinmin Fan; Duo Zheng;Stephen J. Meltzer
Published journals:  Oncotarget      (link)

View synthesis distortion elimination filter for depth video coding in 3D video broadcasting

The author:  Linwei Zhu;Yun Zhang;Xu Wang;Sam Kwong
Published journals:  Multimedia Tools and Applications      (link)

Binocular vision based objective quality assessment method for stereoscopic images

The author:  Gangyi Jiang;Junming Zhou; Mei Yu;Yun Zhang;Feng Shao ; Zongju Peng
Published journals:  MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS      (link)

Touch-less interactive augmented reality game on vision-based wearable device

The author:  Zhihan Lv; Alaa Halawani; Shengzhong Feng; Shafiq ur Rehman; Haibo Li
Published journals:  PERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING      (link)

Compressed Image Quality Metric Based on Perceptually Weighted Distortion

The author:  Sudeng Hu; Lina Jin; Hanli Wang; Yun Zhang; Sam Kwong; C.-C. Jay Kuo
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

Rate Distortion Optimized Inter-View Frame Level Bit Allocation Method for MV-HEVC

The author:  Hui Yuan; Sam Kwong; Xu Wang; Wei Gao; Yun Zhang
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA      (link)

Subjective and Objective Video Quality Assessment of 3D Synthesized Views with Texture/Depth Compression Distortion

The author:  Xiangkai Liu; Yun Zhang; Sudeng Hu; Sam Kwong; C.-C.Jay Kuo; Qiang Peng
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

Low Complexity HEVC INTRA Coding for High-Quality Mobile Video Communication

The author:  Yun Zhang;Sam Kwong;Guangjun Zhang;Zhaoqing Pan;Hui Yuan;Gangyi Jiang

Thermodynamics-Based Models of Transcriptional Regulation with Gene Sequence

The author:  Wang Shuqiang;Shen Yanyan, Hu Jinxing
Published journals:  Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering      (link)

Transverse vibration of an axially moving slender fiber of viscoelastic fluid in bubbfil spinning and stuffer box crimping

The author:  Huang Jianxin;Song Minfeng;Zhang Li;Liu Peng;He Jihuan;Wang Shuqiang
Published journals:  Thermal Science      (link)

Post-transcriptional regulation tends to attenuate the mRNA noise and to increase the mRNA gain

The author:  Shi Changhong;Wang Shuqiang;Zhou Tianshou;Jiang Yiguo
Published journals:  PHYSICAL BIOLOGY      (link)

Dynamic Analysis of Biochemical Network Using Complex network method

The author:  Wang Shuqiang;Shen Yanyan, Hu Jinxing;Ning Li;Zeng Dewei
Published journals:  Thermal Science      (link)

Re-identification risk versus data utility for aggregated mobility research using mobile phone location data

The author:  Ling Yin ;Qian Wang; Shih-Lung Shaw; Zhixiang Fang; Jinxing Hu; Ye Tao; Wei Wang
Published journals:  Plos ONE      (link)

A Self-Assessment Stereo Capture Model Applicable to the Internet of Things

The author:  Yancong Lin ;Jiachen Yang;Zhihan Lv ;Wei Wei;Houbing Song
Published journals:  Sensors      (link)

A Low-Power and Portable Biomedical Device for Respiratory Monitoring with a Stable Power Source

The author:  Jiachen Yang; Bobo Chen; Jianxiong Zhou; Zhihan Lv
Published journals:  Sensors      (link)

A Real-Time Monitoring System of Industry Carbon Monoxide Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

The author:  Jiachen Yang; Jianxiong Zhou; Zhihan Lv; Wei Wei; Houbing Song
Published journals:  Sensors      (link)

Prediction of myelopathic level in cervical spondylotic myelopathy using diffusion tensor imaging

The author:  Wang, ShuQiang ;Li Xiang; Cui JiaoLong ;Li HanXiong ;Luk Keith D. K. ; Hu Yong
Published journals:  JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING      (link)


The author:  Chen Rouxi; Wang Yuqin; Si Na;He Jihuan;Frank KO;Wang Shuqiang
Published journals:  Thermal Science      (link)

A Simple Algorithm for Finding All k-edge-connected Components

The author:  Tianhao Wang;Yong Zhang; Francis Y. L. Chin; Hing-Fung Ting; Yung H. Tsin; Sheung-Hung Poon
Published journals:   PLoS ONE      (link)

Understanding aggregate human mobility patterns using

The author:  Yang Xu;Shih-Lung Shaw;Ziliang Zhao;Ling Yin;Zhixiang Fang;Qingquan Li
Published journals:  Transportation      (link)

Exploring space-time paths in physical and social closeness spaces: a space-time GIS approach

The author:  Yin Ling;Shaw ShihLung


The author :  徐金垒;方志祥;萧世伦;尹凌
Published journals :  地球信息科学      (link)

Conference paper

SWAP-Assembler 2: Scalable Genome Assembler towards Millions of Cores - Practice and Experience

The author:   Jintao Meng; Yanjie Wei;Sangmin Seo;Pavan Balaji
Published journals:   CCGRid2015      (link)

MPI+Threads: Runtime Contention and Remedies

The author:   Abdelhalim Amer; Huiwei Lu; Yanjie Wei; Pavan Balaji ; Satoshi Matsuoka.
Published journals:   20th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, PPoPP 2015      (link)

Uniform Information Exchange in Multi-channel Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

The author:   Li Ning;Dongxiao Yu; Yong Zhang;Yuexuan Wang;Francis C.M. Lau; Shengzhong Feng
Published journals:   DISC 2015      (link)

Collecting, Managing and Analyzing Social Networking Data Effectively

The author:   Zhongying Zhao, Zheng Feng, Yong Zhang, Li Ning, Chao Li, and Jiancong Fan
Published journals:   ICNC-FSKD 2015      (link)

An Efficient Dispatch and Decision-making Model for Taxi-booking Service

The author:  Cheng Qiao, MingMing Lu, Yong Zhang, Ken Brown
Published journals:  ATC 2015      (link)

Strategy-Proof Mechanism for Obnoxious Facility Location on a Line

The author:  Deshi Ye, Lili Mei, Yong Zhang
Published journals:  COCOON 2015 The 21th Annual International Computing and Combinatorics Conference      (link)

Predicting Drug-Target Interactions between New Drugs and New Targets via Pairwise K-Nearest Neighbor and Automatic Similarity Selection

The author:  Jianyu Shi, Jaixin Li, Huimeng Lu, Yong Zhang
Published journals:  IScIDE 2015      (link)

Binocular Combination and Fractional Differential Based 3D Image Quality Assessment

The author:  Haiyong Xu; Gangyi Jiang; Mei Yu; Yun Zhang; Ting Luo; Zongju Peng; Feng Shao
Published journals:  QoMEX2015      (link)

Multi-Task Rank Learning for Image Quality Assessment

The author:  Long Xu; Jia Li; Weisi Lin; Yongbing Zhang; Lin Ma; Yuming Fang; Yun Zhang; Yihua Yan
Published journals:  ICASSP2015      (link)

Hadoop-Based Analysis for Large-Scale Click-Through Patterns in 4G Network

The author:  Wang Shuqiang;Shen Yanyan;Hu Jinxing;Xuan Zhe;Lu Zhe
Published journals:  Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications(WASA)      (link)

Identify Myelopathic Cervical Spinal Cord Using Diffusion Tensor Image: A Data-Driven Approach

The author:  Yong Hu;Tin Yan Chan;Xiang Li;KC Mak;Keith DK Luk;Shu-Qiang Wang
Published journals:  2015 IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing      (link)

ARPPS: Augmented Reality Pipeline Prospect System

The author:  Xiaolei Zhang; Yong Han; DongSheng Hao; Zhihan Lv
Published journals:  ICONIP2015      (link)

Virtual Reality Based GIS Analysis Platform

The author:  Weixi Wang; Zhihan Lv; Xiaoming Li; Weiping Xu; Baoyun Zhang; Xiaolei Zhang
Published journals:  ICONIP2015      (link)

XEarth: A 3D GIS platform for managing massive city information

The author:  Xiaoming Li; Zhihan Lv ; Jinxing Hu ; Baoyun Zhang ; LingYan Shi ; Shengzhong Feng
Published journals:  CIVEMSA2015      (link)

Big City 3D Visual Analysis

The author:  Lv Zhihan; Li Xiaoming; Zhang Baoyun; Wang Weixi; Feng Shengzhong; Hu Jinxing
Published journals:  Eurographics2015 The 36th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics      (link)

Traffic Management and Forecasting System Based on 3D GIS

The author:  Xiaoming Li; Zhihan Lv; Jinxing Hu; Baoyun Zhang; Ling Yin; Chen Zhong; Weixi Wang; Shengzhong Feng
Published journals:  CCGRID2015      (link)

Extending touch-less interaction on vision based wearable device

The author:  Zhihan Lv; Shengzhong Feng ; Liangbing Feng ; Haibo Li
Published journals:  VR2015 IEEE Virtual Reality      (link)

Virtual Geographic Environment Based Coach Passenger Flow Forecasting

The author:  Zhihan Lv; Xiaoming Li; Jinxing Hu; Ling Yin; Baoyun Zhang; Shengzhong Feng
Published journals:  CIVEMSA2015      (link)

Molecular Determinants of the Anticancer Efficacy of Topoisomerase I Inhibitors

The author:  Fung-Ming Siu
Published journals:  MMHS-2015      (link)

Quantitative Dynamics-Activity Relationship: Dynamics of Intrinsically Disordered Regions in the Notch 1 Transcription Complex Mediate Gene Transcription

The author:  Fung-Ming Siu
Published journals:  MMHS-2015      (link)

Accelerating agent-based emergency evacuation planning using a knowledge database based on population distribution regularity

The author:  Ling Yin;Jinxing Hu;Qi Yu
Published journals:  GeoComputation 2015      (link)

A disease diagnostic assistant system using dti and extreme learning machine

The author:  Wang Shuqiang;Shen Yanyan;Hu Jinxing
Published journals:  2015 The 7th International Conference on Future Computer and Communication      (link)


Resource Scheduling in Data-Centric Systems

The author:  Ren zhujie;Zhang xiaohong;Shi weisong
Published journals:  Handbook on Data Centers      (link)


The author:  修文群;李晓明;张宝运
Published journals:  ArcGIS云计算:开发与应用      (link)