About me

Miao Fen      Ph.D.      Associate Researcher.     
Ph.D., Associate Researcher. Dr. Miao graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences major in Computer Applied Technology in 2016. Her main research directions are health informatics, medical data analysis and cuff-less blood pressure modeling. In the past five years, she have more than 30 SCI/EI-indexed papers published, including 14 SCI-indexed papers, presiding over (completing) the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shenzhen Basic Research Program and Huawei Project. She won the second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award in 2017 and Shenzhen Technology Invention Award in 2015.


Computer Science,
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
   Master,
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System,
University of Science and Technology of China 
   Bachler,
Flight vehicle design,
Northwestern Polytechnical University

Working Experience

    2008 Until now,
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Research assistance/Assistant researcher/Associate researcher



  穿戴式健康信息连续监测与分析技术及系统,广东省科学技术奖技术发明类二等奖, 2017

Selected Publications

   [01]    Fen Miao, Nan Fu, Yuan-Ting Zhang, Xiao-Rong Ding, Xi Hong, Qing-Yun He, Ye Li*, "A Novel Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Approach Based on Data Mining Techniques," in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 1730-1740, Nov. 2017. (SCI检索,JCR Q1, IF=4.217, featured article, most popular article)
   [02]    Fen Miao, Z. Liu, J. Liu, B. Wen and Y. Li, "Multi-sensor Fusion Approach for Cuff-less Blood Pressure Measurement," in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics. doi: 10.1109/JBHI.2019.2901724. (SCI检索,JCR Q1, IF=4.217)
   [03]   Fen Miao, Yun-Peng Cai, Yu-Xiao Zhang, Xiao-Mao Fan, and Ye Li. "Predictive modeling of hospital mortality for patients with heart failure by using an improved random survival forest." IEEE Access 6 (2018): 7244-7253. (SCI检索,JCR Q1, IF=3.557)
   [04]   Fen Miao, Xurong Wang, Liyan Yin, Ye Li. "A Wearable Sensor for Arterial Stiffness Monitoring Based on Machine Learning Algorithms." IEEE Sensors Journal 19.4 (2018): 1426-1434. (SCI检索,JCR Q1, IF=2.617)
   [05]   Liu, Zeng-Ding, Ji-Kui Liu, Bo Wen, Qing-Yun He, Ye Li, and Fen Miao*. "Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation Using Pressure Pulse Wave Signals." Sensors 18, no. 12 (2018): 4227. (SCI检索,JCR Q2, IF=2.475)
   [06]   Fen Miao,Y Li*, et al., “A Wearable Context-Aware ECG Monitoring System Integrated with Built-in Kinematic Sensors of the Smartphone,” Sensors, 2015.
   [07]   Fen Miao,Yi He, Jinlei Liu, Ye Li*, Idowu Ayoola. Identifying typical physical activity on smartphone with varying positions and orientations. Biomedical Engineering Online 2015. 14(32):1-15.
   [08]   Fen Miao *, Shu-di Bao, Ye Li. Biometric based Key Distribution Solution with Energy Distribution Information of Physiological Signals for Body Sensor Network Security. IET on Information Security 2013. 7(2):87–96.
   [09]   Fen Miao, Yun-Peng Cai, Yu-Xiao Zhang, Ye Li, Yuan-Ting Zhang*. Risk Prediction of 1-Year Mortality in Patients with Cardiac Arrhythmias using Random Survival. Computational Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol. 2015, Article ID 303250, 10 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/303250.
   [10]   Fen Miao, Xiuli Miao, Weihua Shangguan and Ye Li*, MobiHealthcare System: Body Sensor Network Based M-Health System for Healthcare Application, E-Health Telecommunication Systems and Networks, Vol. 1 No. 1, pp. 12-18, 2012.
   [11]   Fen Miao, Yun-Peng Cai*, Yuan-Ting Zhang. Risk Prediction for Heart Failure Incidence within 1-Year Using Clinical and Laboratory Factors. IEEE EMBC, 26-30 Aug. 2014, Chicago. (EI检索,获得IEEE student travel award)
   [12]   Fen Miao, Yun-Peng Cai, Yuan-Ting Zhang, Chun-Yue Li. Is Random Survival Forest an Alternative to Cox Proportional Model on Predicting Cardiovascular Disease?”. Springer MBEC 2014, 45: 740-743.
   [13]   Fen Miao, Shu-Di Bao*, Ye Li. A Modified Fuzzy Vault Scheme for Biometrics-based Body Sensor Networks Security. IEEE Globecom, 6-10 Dec. 2010, pp.1-5, miami,FL,. 2011.
   [14]   Fen Miao, Lei Jiang, Ye Li*, Yuan-Ting Zhang. Biometrics based novel key distribution solution for body sensor networks. Proc. Annual Conference of IEEE-EMBS, pp.2458-2461, 2009.
   [15]   Fen Miao, Shu-Di Bao, and Ye Li. "Physiological Signal Based Biometrics for Securing Body Sensor Network." In New Trends and Developments in Biometrics. InTech, 2012.
   [16]   Zang, Weilin, Fen Miao, Raffaele Gravina, Fangmin Sun, Giancarlo Fortino, and Ye Li. "CMDP-based intelligent transmission for wireless body area network in remote health monitoring." Neural Computing and Applications (2019): 1-9. (SCI检索,JCR Q1, IF=4.215)
   [17]   X. R. Ding,N. Zhao, G. Z. Yang, R. Pettigrew, B. Lo, Fen Miao, Y. Li, J. Liu, Y. T. Zhang, "Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement From Invasive to Unobtrusive: Celebration of 200th Birth Anniversary of Carl Ludwig," in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 1455-1465, Nov. 2016. (SCI检索,JCR Q1, IF=4.217)
   [18]   X. Fan, Q. Yao, Y. Cai, F. Miao, F. Sun and Y. Li, "Multiscaled Fusion of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Screening Atrial Fibrillation From Single Lead Short ECG Recordings," in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 1744-1753, Nov. 2018.

Selected patents

[1]   李烨、樊小毛、项福如、蔡云鹏、苗芬,基于GPU的并行心电信号分析方法,发明专利,已获得美国、日本、中国的授权,授权号(US10,258,250 B2, JP2016576010,ZL201580000415.1)
[1]   李烨、苗芬、何晨光、戴呼和、上官卫华,应用于动态心电数据的伪差识别方法和装置,发明专利,授权号:ZL201310656291.5
[2]   李烨、蔡云鹏、杨玉洁、苗芬,血糖监测方法、装置及系统,发明专利,授权号:ZL201511028437.7

Application for Patent

[1]   李烨、沈子骁、苗芬、何青云、尹丽妍,连续血压测量装置、测量模型建立方法和系统,受理号:PCT/CN2015/086429
[1]   苗芬、李烨、蔡云鹏,疾病预警方法及装置,受理号:201611087043.3
[2]   苗芬、李烨、刘增丁、刘记奎、闻博,动脉硬化程度的评估方法、装置及动脉硬化检测仪201711391505.5
[3]   李烨、刘增丁、苗芬、刘记奎、闻博,一种光电容积脉搏波信号特征点检测方法,受理号:201811496886 .8
[4]   李烨、闻博、苗芬、刘记奎、刘增丁,连续血压的测量方法、装置和系统,受理号:201711120232.0
[5]   李烨、刘增丁、苗芬、刘记奎、闻博,重搏波检测方法、装置及计算机存储介质, 201711172968.2
[6]   李烨、刘记奎、苗芬、刘增丁、闻博,动脉血管年龄估算模型构建方法和装置,受理号:201711453635.7
[7]   李烨、苗芬、何青云、刘登宽、吕艳飞、杜涛,一种校准血压计的方法和装置,受理号:2017105390464


[1]   国家自然科学基金青年基金,基于生存树的急性心肌梗死早期预警及其多生理参数建模,2016/01-2018/12,已结题。
[2]   华为横向项目,基于压力波的血压检测算法项目,2017/05-2018/10,已结题。
[3]   深圳市基础研究项目,面向穿戴式应用的新型无扰式连续血压测量方法研究,2015/10-2017/10,已结题。