Center for High Performance Computing

Center for High Performance Computing Technology focuses on High performance data processing technology which carries out technical research on urban computing, multimedia computing, biological computing, figure calculation and other aspects. The results of the research have been widely applied in the fields of intelligence meteorology, intelligent transportation, new media, biological medicine, and so on. We have cooperated with Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau, Skyworth, BGI and other enterprises and institutions.

Big Data High Performance Computing

  Optimization Algorithm and Data Analysis

We conduct research mainly in the areas of optimization algorithms and data analysis. During these years, we have focused on some specific problems, including online selling, distributed message dissemination, multiple robots collaboration, community discovery and evolution in social networks, online frequency assignment, online code assignment, bin packing, scheduling, etc. We have undertaken 1 NSFC key project, 1 NSFC general project, 1 National Key Research and Development Plan, 1 Key Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and several Shenzhen research projects. In these years, we have published more than 100 research papers in some leading journals and conferences.

Ph.D. : Yong Zhang      Vincent Chau

  Spatio-temporal data processing

Based on the spatiotemporal data collected by increasingly emerging sensors such as mobile phones, social media, and Internet of things as well as the high-performance computing technology, we focus on analyzing human spatiotemporal activity patterns in the information age, modeling spatiotemporal phenomena, and simulating spatiotemporal processes. Our research can help breakthrough the limitation of lacking large-scale human activity data sources for decades, and can offer critical methods and technologies for various application areas such as smart transportation, urban planning, public health, mobile Internet service, and big data service in a more general word.

Ph.D. : Jinxing Hu      Ying Lin      Bing He      Liqun Sun      Yuanjun Guo

  Multimedia Computing and Visual Signal Processing

The SIAT Video Team have long been engaged in the field of Multimedia Communications and Visual Signal Processing for 2D/3D, VR/AR videos, including video coding, visual signal pre/post-processing, and computational visual perception. We are also pursuing exciting and challenging problems in the innovation areas, such as VR/AR, and AI etc. Our research projects include NSFC (General, Youth), Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Major Project, Guangdong NSF for Distinguished Young Scholar, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Key Project, Shenzhen-International Collaborative Innovation Programs, etc. We have published more than 80 high quality scientific research on journal and conference, such as IEEE Trans. Image Process., IEEE Trans. Broadcast., IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol., IEEE Trans. Indust. Electronics, IEEE Trans. Indust. Informatics. 60 of them are SCI papers and 20 of them are IEEE Transaction papers. Over 10 CN and US patents have been granted. Moreover, our group has many scientific research awards, such as Second Prize Scientific and Technological Advancement Award from Ministry of Education (MOE), First Prize Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award, First Prize Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Award.

Ph.D. : Yun Zhang      Liangbing Feng      Na Li

  Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Our research concentrates on big data analytics in bioinformatics and numerical simulation of molecular structure and properties. The research projects are mainly concerned with highly scalable genome assembly, metagenome-wide association study,protein structure prediction, protein folding simulation and molecular/medical image processing,etc. Research methods mainly include parallel computing, machine learning, stochastic and deterministic optimization. With the help of supercomputers and parallel computing, we have developed high-scalable gene sequence assembly software (SWAP-Assembler) to improve the efficiency of gene data analysis. Using machine learning and stochastic / deterministic optimization algorithms, we study characteristics of protein structures to improve the structure prediction accuracy for both globular and membrane proteins.

Ph.D. :Yanjie Wei      Yong Zhang      Ling Yin

  Environmental and Meteorological Data Mining

Our group has been working in the research of Environmental and Meteorological Data Mining, Environmental and Meteorological Modelling for several years. Our research interest covers: quantitatively forecast of wind and rainfall induced by landfalling and offshore tropical cyclones; tropical cyclones’ intensity forecast; severe weather forecast, interpretation of numerical models; development of ensemble weather forecast system; global and regional climate change; teleconnection between ENSO and regional climate; ecological remote sensing; urban climate simulation, city ventilation design, urban heat island etc. Our group has undertaken 19 provincial and municipal research projects in the area of severe weather forecast, development of ensemble weather forecast system etc. We have published around 50 journal and conference papers.

Ph.D. : Qinlan Li      Liqun Sun      Xiaoxue Wang

  Medical big data

We mainly focus on the medical big data based computer aided diagnosis system by incorporating optimized deep learning algorithms. The research areas include: (1) medical registration, medical segmentation, multi-source medical-data Fusion and pattern recognition; (2) deep learning optimization for small training samples and tensor based deep learning model. Our group has undertaken 9 research projects, including national natural science foundation of china, NSFC-Shenzhen Robotics foundation, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Basic Research Project, etc. We have applied more than 20 chinese patients, 2 PCT patients and 1 American patients. We have published more than 30 papers indexed by SCI and EI.

Ph.D. : Shuqiang Wang      Yong Zhang


A Data-Driven Approach to Perceptual Video Coding
Speaker: C.-C. Jay Kuo Professor (University of Southern California)
Date: July 14, 2017      time: 15:30-16:30      Address: Room 1119, Building F
There has been a significant progress in image/video coding in the last 50 years, and many visual coding standards have been established, including JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and H.265, in the last three decades. The visual coding research field has reached a mature stage, and the question “is there anything left for image/video coding?” arises in recent years...   (PDF)

Workshop on Immersive Visual Signal Processing
Date: July 07 2017      time: 9:30-16:30     Address: Room 1119, Building F
Yo-Sung Ho: MPEG-I Visual & Light Field Camera
You Yang: Illumination Attributes Coding for Virtual Reality Broadcasting System
Xun Wang: Research Progress on Deep Learning based Depth Map Enhancement
Long Xu: Solar observations and large solar data processing  (PDF)

Beyond Structure - Multiscale Modeling of Chemical and Biophysical Processes in Complex Environments
Speaker:Dennis Salahub      Date: April 10, 2017
time: 10:30-11:30      Address: Room 1119, Building F
Dennis Salahub is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Calgary. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Molecular Simulation, the Institute for Quantum Information Science and with Quantum Alberta. Dr Salahub’s interests are in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry...   (PDF)