Note that the conference venue and conference hotel have changed to the more pleasant and more convinient located Ming Wah International Convention Center (明华国际会议中心-蛇口) in the Shekou neighborhood ( Reservations made by way of this web-site will be automatically changed. Please contact us if you have any concerns.


CBSB2018 will be held in Ming Wah International Convention Centre, Shenzhen. You can reserve the hotel through the Registration of CBSB2018. The price of the reserved room is 498 RMB ( ~ 78.85 USD) per night.

You can also consider other hotels around Ming Wah International Convention Center, below are some suggestions:

Hotel Diatance to Convention Center Price
Hanting Express(汉庭酒店) 0.8km ~300 RMB(~47.5 USD)
Fuzon Hotel(金銮富众酒店) 1.0km ~480 RMB (~76 USD)
Curise Inn(鸿隆明华轮酒店) 0.9km ~560 RMB (~88.67 USD)