Keynote and Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers:
Jiali Gao
University of Minnesota
Control of Water by Protein Functional Dynamics in two Photoreceptors
  Depei Qian
Sun Yat-Sen University
Exa-scale Computing in China: Current status and perspectives
Invited Speakers:
  Ioan Andricioaei

University of California, Irvine
Methods for the Enhanced Sampling of (i) Long-time Kinetics and (ii) Large-scale Dynamics of Biomolecules
Jun Fan

City University of Hong Hong
molecular dynamics simulation of cell membrane interacting with proteins and nanosheets
  Wei Han

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
Insights into protein aggregation revealed by hybrid-resolution simulations and kinetic network analysis
Xuhui Huang

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
From Molecular Dynamics to Genomic Biology: Constructing Kinetic Network Models to Elucidate Transcriptional Fidelity of RNA Polymerase II
  Fan Jiang

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
Applications of Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Protein Structure Prediction
Parimal Kar

Indian Institute of Technology, Indore
Investigating Effects of Phosphorylation on the Structure and Dynamics of WNK Kinase by Using µs-long Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  Ly Le

International University- Vietnam National University
Rational Designs of Hemagglutinin Based Universal Influenza Vaccine
Guohui Li

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Polarizable lipid models and applications for membrane proteins
  Jianing Li

University of Vermont
Molecular Basis of the PAC1 Receptor, a Stress-Related Membrane Protein
Kei Moritsugu

Yokohama City University
Multiscale enhanced sampling of glucokinase: Regulation of the enzymatic reaction via a large scale domain motion
  Yuguang Mu

NanYang Technological University
Binding Modes of Teixobactin to Lipid II: Molecular Dynamics Study
  Hongbin Shen

Shanghai Jiaotong University
Residue Contact Map-Driven Protein Structure Prediction and Refinement
Guanghong Wei

Fudan University
Mechanistic insights into peptide self-assembly, aggregation and amyloid inhibition
  Dongqing Wei

Shanghai Jiaotong University
Rare Event Dynamics Involving Membrane Systems and CADD