Journal Paper

Post-processing strategies for improving local gene expression pattern analysis

The author:  Wang Qiang;Ye Yunming;Huang Joshua Zhexue;Feng Shengzhong
Published journals:  International journal of data mining and bioinformatics      (link)

Online algorithms for 1-space bounded multi dimensional bin packing and hypercube packing

The author:  Zhang, Yong;Chin, Francis Y. L;Ting, Hing-Fung;Han, Xin
Published journals:  Journal of Combinatorial Optimization      (link)

A note on a selfish bin packing problem

The author:  Ma ruixin;Dosa Gyorgy;Han xin;Ting hingfung;Ye deshi;Zhang yong
Published journals:  Journal of Global Optimization      (link)

Deterministic polynomial-time algorithms for designing short DNA words

The author:  Kao, Ming-Yang;Leung, Henry C. M.;Sun, He;Zhang, Yong
Published journals:  THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE      (link)


The author:  徐文文;陈申鹏;李晴岚
Published journals:  气象研究与应用      (link)

QOS optimization for web services composition based on reinforcement learning

The author:  Feng liangbing;Obayashi Masanao;Kuremoto Takashi;Kobayashi Kunikazu;Watanabe Shun
Published journals:  International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control      (link)

Sequence selectivity of the cleavage sites induced by topoisomerase I inhibitors: a molecular dynamics study

The author:  Siu, Fung-Ming;Pommier, Yves
Published journals:  NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH      (link)

An Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

The author:  Meng, Jin-Tao;Yuan, Jian-Rui;Feng, Sheng-Zhong;Wei, Yan-Jie

Power Adjusting Algorithm: A New Cross-Layer Power Saving Mechanism for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

The author:  Meng, Jin-Tao;Yuan, Jian-Rui;Feng, Sheng-Zhong;Tan, Lian-Sheng

A novel splice site prediction method using support vector machine

The author:  Wei dan;Zhang huiling;Wei yanjie;Jiang qingshan
Published journals:  Journal of Computational Information Systems      (link)

Regional Bit Allocation and Rate Distortion Optimization for Multiview Depth Video Coding With View Synthesis Distortion Model

The author:  Zhang, Yun;Kwong, Sam;Xu, Long;Hu, Sudeng;Jiang, Gangyi;Kuo, C-C. Jay
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

DIRECT Mode Early Decision Optimization Based on Rate Distortion Cost Property and Inter-view Correlation

The author:  Zhang, Yun;Kwong, Sam;Xu, Long;Jiang, Gangyi
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING      (link)

Applying Game Theory to Rate Control Optimization for Hierarchical B-Pictures

The author:  Wang, Xu;Kwong, Sam;Zhang, YunWang, Xu;Kwong, Sam;Zhang, Yun
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING      (link)

基于感知的视频编码方法综述Perceptual Video Coding: A Survey

The author:  蒋刚毅;朱亚培;郁梅;张云
Published journals:  电子与信息学报Journal of Electronics and Information Technology      (link)

Fast mode decision based on texture-depth correlation and motion prediction for multiview depth video coding

The author:  Pan zhaoqing;Zhang yun;Kwong sam
Published journals:  Journal of Real-Time Image Processing      (link)

View-spatial-temporal post-refinement for view synthesis in 3D video systems

The author:  Zhu, Linwei;Zhang, Yun;Yu, Mei;Jiang, Gangyi;Kwong, Sam
Published journals:  SIGNAL PROCESSING-IMAGE COMMUNICATION      (link)

Low-complexity encoder framework for window-level rate control optimization

The author:  Xu, Long;Kwong, Sam;Zhang, Yun;Zhao, Debin

Visibility threshold of compressed stereoscopic image: effects of asymmetrical coding

The author:  Wang, X.;Jiang, G. Y.;Zhou, J. M.;Zhang, Y.;Shao, F.;Peng, Z. J.;Yu, M.
Published journals:  IMAGING SCIENCE JOURNAL      (link)

Integrating Orientation Cue With EOH-OLBP-Based Multilevel Features for Human Detection

The author:  Yingdong Ma;Liang Deng;Xiankai Chen;Ning Guo

Event-Driven High-Priority First Data Scheduling Scheme for P2P VoD Streaming

The author:  Pingshan Liu;Guimin Huang;Shengzhong Feng;Jianping Fan
Published journals:  COMPUTER JOURNAL      (link)

Quick Attribute Reduction Based on Approximation Dependency Degree

The author:  Min Li;ShaoBo Deng;Shengzhong Feng;Jianping Fan
Published journals:  JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS      (link)

Detecting Crowdedness Spot in City Transportation

The author:  Siyuan Liu;Yunhuai Liu;Lionel Ni;Minglu Li;Jianping Fan

使用分布式De Bruijn图遍历基因拼接并行构建和化简/Parallelized De Bruijn graph construction and simplification for genome assembly

The author:  曾理;成杰峰;孟金涛;涂志兵;冯圣中
Published journals:  软件学报Journal of Software      (link)

Top-k shortest distance join over large graph

The author:  Chunguang YE;Jiefeng CHENG;Shengzhong FENG
Published journals:  Journal of Computational Information Systems      (link)

Conference paper

Based on parameter equation function rational spline interpolation with the shape preserved

The author:  Peng Feng-bin;Li Shan-shan;Wei Yan-jie;Wang Qiang
Published journals:  2013 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization, ICVRV 2013      (link)


The author:  Pan zhaoqing;Zhang yun;Kwong sam;Wang, Xu;Xu, Long
Published journals:  2013 38th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2013      (link)

Design and Implementation of an Automatic Tool for Software Regression Test Based On STAF

The author:  Huang xin;Chen huijuan;Qian jing
Published journals:  2013 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology, ICCSNT 2013      (link)

Trajectory Pattern Mining : Methods and Applications

The author:  Huang, Xin;Chen, Huijuan;Zheng, Maogong;Liu, Ping;Qian, Jing
Published journals:  2013 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Design and Power Engineering, ICMDPE 2013      (link)

Improve the Performance of Adaptive Sleep Scheduled Wireless Sensor Network

The author:  Qiao, Cheng;Zhang, Yong;Ning, Li;Feng, Shenzhong
Published journals:  9th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, MSN 2013      (link)

Improved parallel processing of massive De Bruijn graph for genome assembly

The author:  Zeng li;Cheng jiefeng;Meng jintao;Wang bingqiang;Feng shengzhong
Published journals:  15th Asia-Pacific Web Conference on Web Technologies and Applications, APWeb 2013      (link)

Influence Maximization for Large Social Networks

The author:  Yue, Feifei;Tu, Zhibing;Feng, Shengzhong
Published journals:  WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies      (link)

Top-k graph pattern matching over large graphs

The author:  Jiefeng Cheng;Xianggang Zeng;Jeffrey Xu Yu
Published journals:  29th International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2013      (link)

Anaglyph 3D Stereoscopic Visualization of 2D Video based on Fundamental Matrix

The author:  Zhihan LU;Shafiq ur Rehman;Muhammad Sikandar Lal Khan;Haibo Li
Published journals:  2013 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization, ICVRV 2013      (link)

Finger in air: Touch-less interaction on smartphone

The author:  Zhihan Lv;Alaa Halawani;Muhammad Sikandar Lal Khan;Shafiq Ur Réhman;Haibo Li
Published journals:  12th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, MUM 2013      (link)

Hand and foot gesture interaction for handheld devices

The author:  Lv Zhihan;Khan Muhammad Sikandar Lal;Réhman Shafiq Ur
Published journals:  21st ACM International Conference on Multimedia, MM 2013      (link)

WebVRGIS: A P2P network engine for VR data and GIS analysis

The author:  Zhihan Lv;Shafiq Ur R´ehman;Ge Chen
Published journals:  20th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2013      (link)

WebVRGIS: WebGIS based interactive online 3D virtual community

The author:  Lu Zhihan;Rehman Shafiqur;Chen Ge
Published journals:  2013 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization, ICVRV 2013      (link)

Human detection with EOH-OLBP-based multi-level features

The author:  Yingdong Ma;Liang Deng
Published journals:  3rd International Conference on Multimedia Technology, ICMT 2013      (link)

Membership calculation based on dimension hierarchical division

The author:  Zhou Ping;Wang Jinlei;Chen Xiankai;Zhang Guanjun
Published journals:  2013 2nd International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and lntelligent Materials, ICSMIM 2013      (link)


A Multiple Hexagon Search Algorithm for Motion and Disparity Estimation in Multiview Video Coding

The author:  Zhaoqing Pan;Sam Kwong;Yun Zhang
Published journals:  The Era of Interactive Media      (link)

Disparity and Motion Activity Based Mode Prediction for Fast Mode Decision in Multiview Video Coding

The author:  Dan Mao;Yun Zhang;Qian Chen;Sam Kwong
Published journals:  The Era of Interactive Media      (link)