Journal Paper

SWAP-Assembler: scalable and efficient genome assembly towards thousands of cores

The author:  Meng, Jintao;Wang, Bingqiang;Wei, Yanjie;Feng, Shengzhong;Balaji, Pavan
Published journals:  BMC BIOINFORMATICS      (link)


The author:  黄庆生;肖天霞;张键;魏彦杰
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)


The author:  魏彦杰;张慧玲;黄庆生
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)


The author:  武杨;李晴岚
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)


The author:  修文群;李晓明;张宝运
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)


The author:  郭耕辰;冯良炳;邓亮;赵永刚;刘宇
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)


The author:  刘宇;邓亮;郭耕辰;冯良炳
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)

Logarithmic Convergence for Consensus of Dynamic Systems

The author:  NING Li
Published journals:  集成技术      (link)

Dynamics stability in wireless sensor networks active defense model

The author:  Chen, Zhide;Qiao, Cheng;Qiu, Yihui;Xu, Li;Wu, Wei
Published journals:  JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND SYSTEM SCIENCES      (link)

Efficient Multiview Depth Coding Optimization Based on Allowable Depth Distortion in View Synthesis

The author:  Zhang, Yun;Kwong, Sam;Hu, Sudeng;Kuo, Chung-Chieh Jay
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

Global and local exploitation for saliency using bag-of-words

The author:  Zheng, Zhenzhu;Zhang, Yun;Yan, Luxin
Published journals:  IET COMPUTER VISION      (link)

Generalized Nash Bargaining Solution to Rate Control Optimization for Spatial Scalable Video Coding

The author:  Wang, Xu;Kwong, Sam;Xu, Long;Zhang, Yun
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

Interview Rate Distortion Analysis-Based Coarse to Fine Bit Allocation Algorithm for 3-D Video Coding

The author:  Yuan, Hui;Kwong, Sam;Ge, Chuan;Wang, Xu;Zhang, Yun
Published journals:  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING      (link)

Multimodal Hand and Foot Gesture Interaction for Handheld Devices

The author:  Lv, Zhihan;Halawani, Alaa;Feng, Shengzhong;Li, Haibo;Rehman, Shafiq U. R.


The author:  张慧玲;宁立;孟金涛;魏彦杰;冯圣中
Published journals:  网络新媒体技术      (link)

Rate-Distortion Optimization Based on View Synthesis for Depth Video Coding

The author:  Zhang, Yun;Kwong, Sam;Xu, Long;Hu, Sudeng;Jiang, Gangyi;Kuo, C.-C. Jay
Published journals:  IEEE Transactions on Image Processing      (link)

Bandwidth-Availability-Based Replication Strategy for P2P VoD Systems

The author:  Liu Pingshan;Feng Shengzhong;Huang Guimin;Fan Jianping
Published journals:  COMPUTER JOURNAL      (link)

Fast assignment reduction in inconsistent incomplete decision systems

The author:  Min Li;Shaobo Deng;Shengzhong Feng;Jianping Fan

Hierarchical clustering algorithm for categorical data using a probabilistic rough set model

The author:  Li Min;Deng Shaobo;Wang Lei;Feng Shengzhong;Fan Jianping
Published journals:  KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS      (link)

Predictive and distribution-oriented fast motion estimation for H.264/AVC

The author:  Pan Zhaoqing;Kwong Sam;Xu Long;Zhang Yun;Zhao Tiesong
Published journals:  JOURNAL OF REAL-TIME IMAGE PROCESSING      (link)

Quick attribute reduction in inconsistent decision tables

The author:  Li Min;Shang Changxing;Feng Shengzhong;Fan Jianping
Published journals:  INFORMATION SCIENCES      (link)

同构 Hadoop 环境作业执行时间计算方法

The author:  张霄宏;海林鹏;贾宗璞;沈记全;赵文涛
Published journals:  计算机工程与应用      (link)

一种适用于 HadoopMapReduce 环境的数据预取方法Prefetching method for Hadoop MapReduce environments

The author:  张霄宏;雒芬;贾宗璞;沈记全
Published journals:  西安电子科技大学学报(自然科学版)Journal of Xidian University      (link)

MR-DBSCAN: a scalable MapReduce-based DBSCAN algorithm for heavily skewed data

The author:  He, Yaobin;Tan, Haoyu;Luo, Wuman;Feng, Shengzhong;Fan, Jianping
Published journals:  FRONTIERS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE      (link)

Adaptive deployment optimization for a multi-layer surveillance network

The author:  He Yaobin;Zhang Dian;Qi Li;Feng Shengzhong;Ming Zhong;Fan Jianping
Published journals:  深圳大学学报(理工版)      (link)

Teleconnection between ENSO and climate in South China

The author:  Li, Qinglan;Chen, Ji


The author:  李晴岚;武杨;曹春燕;陈申鹏;徐文文;高鸿
Published journals:  热带气象学报      (link)

Voronoi diagram with visual restriction

The author:  Fan, Chenglin;Luo, Jun;Wang, Wencheng;Zhu, Binhai
Published journals:  THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE      (link)

Exploring space-time paths in physical and social closeness spaces: a space-time GIS approach

The author:  Yin, Ling;Shaw, Shih-Lung

从大规模短期规则采样的手机定位数据Identifying home-work locations from short-term, large-scale, and regularly sampled mobile phone tracking data

The author:  许宁;尹凌;胡金星
Published journals:  武汉大学学报Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University      (link)

Defining Biological Networks for Noise Buffering and Signaling Sensitivity Using Approximate Bayesian Computation

The author:  Wang, Shuqiang;Shen, Yanyan;Shi, Changhong;Wang, Tao;Wei, Zhiming;Li, Hanxiong
Published journals:  SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL      (link)

Joint subchannel pairing and power control for cognitive radio networks with amplify-and-forward relaying.

The author:  Shen Y;Wang S;Wei Z
Published journals:  Scientific world Journal      (link)

Conference paper

The design of cybercrime spatial analysis system

The author:  Xiu, Wenqun;Li, Xiaoming
Published journals:  2014 4th IEEE International Conference on Information Science and Technology, ICIST 2014      (link)

Measurement and Analysis of Energy Consumption on Android Smartphones

The author:  Li, Xiangyu;Zhang, Xiao;Chen, Kongyang;Feng, Shengzhong
Published journals:  2014 4th IEEE International Conference on Information Science and Technology, ICIST 2014      (link)

Image Retrieval Based on Statistical and Geometry Features

The author:  Liu, Yu;Feng, Liangbing;Wang, Xing;Guo, Ning
Published journals:  10th International Symposium on Visual Computing, ISVC 2014      (link)

Dominant Bidding Strategy in Mobile App Advertising Auction

The author:  Wang, Lei;Zhang, Yong;Chen, Zhide;Ning, Li;Qiao, Cheng
Published journals:  11th IEEE International Conference on E-Business Engineering, ICEBE 2014      (link)

Competitive Algorithms for Unbounded One-Way Trading

The author:  Chin, Francis Y. L.;Fu, Bin;Jiang, Minghui;Ting, Hing-Fung;Zhang, Yong
Published journals:  10th International Conference on Algorithmic Aspects of Information and Management, AAIM 2014      (link)

Hand-free motion interaction on Google Glass

The author:  Lv, Zhihan;Feng, Liangbing;Li, Haibo;Feng, Shengzhong
Published journals:  SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, SA 2014      (link)

3D seabed modeling and visualization on ubiquitous context

The author:  Lv, Zhihan;Su, Tianyun
Published journals:  SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Posters, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014      (link)

Foot motion sensing: Augmented game interface based on foot interaction for smartphone

The author:  Lv, Zhihan;Feng, Shengzhong;Lal Khan, Muhammad Sikandar;Ur Réhman, Shafiq;Li, Haibo
Published journals:  32nd Annual ACM Conferenceon Human Factors in Computing Systems      (link)

3D seabed: 3D modeling and visualization platform for the seabed

The author:  Su, Tianyun;Lv, Zhihan;Gao, Shan;Li, Xiaolong;Lv, Haibin
Published journals:  2014 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo Workshops, ICMEW 2014      (link)

Visualizing Hidden Themes of Taxi Movement with Semantic Transformation

The author:  Chu Ding;Sheets David A.;Zhao Ye;Wu Yingyu;Yang Jing;Zheng Maogong;Chen George
Published journals:  2014 7th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, PacificVis 2014      (link)

A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Users' Geographical Patterns in Social Media: A Case Study onMicroblogs

The author:  Li, Chao;Zhao, Zhongying;Luo, Jun;Yin, Ling;Zhou, Qiming
Published journals:  19th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, DASFAA 2014      (link)

Modeling and Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks with A Bayesian-Driven Approach

The author:  Wang, Shuqiang;Hu, Jinxing;Shen, Yanyan;Yin, Ling;Wei, Yanjie
Published journals:  14th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, ISCIT 2014      (link)

Resource allocation based on subcarrier grouping in OFDMA cognitive radio networks

The author:  Shen, Yanyan;Kwak,Kyung Sup;Wang,Shuqiang
Published journals:  14th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, ISCIT 2014      (link)

A topic model for building fine-grained domain-specific emotion lexicon

The author:  Min Yang;Baolin Peng;Zheng Chen;Dingju Zhu;Kam-Pui Chow
Published journals:  52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, ACL 2014      (link)